Hyundai takes the next step in green & smart charging with the Hyundai SmartCharging-app

  • Energy transition is supported by optimal balancing of the electricity grid
  • Hyundai SmartCharing app allows Hyundai Bluelink users to charge their electric cars in a green way

4 November 2021 – Hyundai announced a major increase in its e-mobility activities earlier this year. In this framework, Hyundai is now introducing the SmartCharging app. This allows the electricity grid to be optimally balanced, while letting users charge their electric cars in a sustainable way. Furthermore, current developments in the energy market confirm the increasing need for smart charging and V2G (bi-directional charging).

Hyundai SmartCharging users can indicate via their preferred settings whether they want to smart charge their car by choosing the most optimal charging times and, therefore, balance the electricity network. In order to optimally balance the electricity grid, Hyundai SmartCharging creates a virtual power plant. Matching supply and demand is one of the major challenges for renewable energy generation. As a virtual power plant constantly and quickly adapts to the available electricity, the system can ensure that the electricity is as sustainable as possible and that it is used as effectively as possible.

Green charging during off-peak and dynamic tariffs

Thanks to the flexibility in the charging process the grid is kept in balance. Charging is reduced during peak periods with high energy demand and charging is scheduled during moments with more renewable energy being available.

On top of that the Hyundai SmartCharging app supports all energy tariffs that users could expect at home. Both off-peak as dynamic tariffs with an hourly rate as automatically supported in the optimization. This results directly in a lower energy bill for the user at home.

Intensified cooperation with Jedlix in the field of V2G

The Hyundai SmartCharging app is co-developed with the partner Jedlix. Within the cooperation for smart charging, both parties are developing bi-directional (V2G) smart charging for models who support this, such as the IONIQ 5. This technology allows car to also discharge: in doing so, the car can serve as a buffer to balance energy demand and supply. Thanks to this development, the electric car could contribute even more to a sustainable energy transition. The parties also work together with We Drive Solar in the Utrecht region for deployment in car sharing communities. The Netherlands is leading the developments when it comes to V2G technology and deployments and an international role out is foreseen as well. The V2G technology can be applied in both the home domain and in serving fleet cars.

The Hyundai SmartCharging app can be downloaded from now on in the app stores for Hyundai drivers with a BEV and PHEV car that is supported with Hyundai Bluelink.

More information can be found here.

About Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company (founded in 1967) is one of the most successful automobile brands today. Anno 2020, Hyundai is the fifth largest automaker in the world. Hyundai has eight modern car plants and seven Design & Technical Centers worldwide. In total, Hyundai Motor Company employs nearly 110,000 people. Hyundai is also one of the most innovative automakers in the world. The brand aims to lead the way in electric mobility with battery-electric and hydrogen-electric vehicles and electrified hybrid models. In the Netherlands, Hyundai is among the most successful and best-selling automakers. Hyundai Motor Netherlands shares the success with the Hyundai dealerships in The Netherlands. Hyundai is Partner of FIFA, the KNVB and the Van Gogh Museum. The manufacturer is reigning world champion in both the spectacular World Rally Championship (WRC) and the touring car racing class WTCR.

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About Jedlix - Smart Charging

About Jedlix

Jedlix develops and operates a VGI platform to optimize the charging & discharging of electric vehicles and facilitate their insertion into the power grid at scale. Jedlix teams up with energy partners, charging point operators & e-mobility service providers, car OEMs to reduce the total cost of ownership of Electric Vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging & discharging process on energy and balancing markets, and optimize the use of renewable energy.

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