Pioneers in green energy ekWateur, GreenYellow and Plüm Énergie boost launch Jedlix Smart Charging in France

Paris, 16th December 2019 - Jedlix is launching their Smart Charging services in France today. Launching energy partners in France are green forerunners EkWateur, GreenYellow and Plüm Énergie. After the successful launch in The Netherlands and Belgium this is the third European country where the international aggregator Jedlix is gaining ground. Tesla drivers can receive a financial contribution from €5 to €30 per month depending on the volume of energy that is smart charged. Furthermore, electric vehicle (EV) drivers can lower CO2 emission on energy grid level as a result of balancing the French energy grid. From today, the Jedlix app is available in the French app stores, the interface through which the Jedlix Smart Charging services can be used by Tesla drivers. Soon the service will be available for more car brands.  

Sustainable forerunners go for more green

For the first time in France, a Smart Charging platform balancing the energy grid is made available to households with EVs. On this unique platform the interests of car OEMs, Energy suppliers and EV drivers come together. Launching energy partners in France are green energy brands, each of them unique in their own way. As a result, these three partnerships with Jedlix contribute extensively to the acceleration of the energy transition in France.

Smart Charging, the new norm

The need for grid balancing is increasing with the rise of electric vehicles and intermittent renewable energy. Smart charging offers a solution and is about charging EVs at the right time. With Jedlix EVs are charging automatically on the moments when energy is greener and cheaper keeping in mind customer preferences as set in the app. It lowers the dependency on back-up from fossil fuel plants to keep the grid in balance. The energy platform partners ekWateur, GreenYellow and Plüm Énergie reward the EV drivers via the Jedlix for every kWh Smart Charged. This reduces the home charging costs with at least 20%. Additionally, Jedlix will optimize charging during off-peak times as entered by the driver in the Jedlix app.

Serge Subiron, CEO of Jedlix, says: “With this launch, the French energy companies and EV drivers have the possibility to play a crucial role in the transition to renewable energy in Europe. We are proud to work together with green forerunners ekWateur, GreenYellow and Plüm Énergie as launching partners to bring the best Smart Charging experience to their customers and engage them further in the energy transition."

Julien Tchernia, CEO ekWateur, adds: “Optimizing the storage capacity of electric cars is key to the energy transition. We are very happy to work with Jedlix to develop innovative offers and make electric cars accessible in Europe."

Vincent Maillard, co-founder & president of Plüm Énergie, adds: "Managing energy demand is at the heart of our major environmental challenge. Thanks to the partnership between Jedlix and Plüm Énergie, the owners of electric vehicles can now optimize their consumption, save money, benefit from the greenest electricity on the market and support the development of new renewable production sites."

Nicolas Ulmann, Innovation Director of GreenYellow says: “This new partnership with Jedlix, a leading innovative startup, helps GreenYellow to accelerate growth of its offering in electric mobility. Thanks to this smart charging solution, bundled with green energy supply, EV drivers would be able to generate savings on a responsible and committed way."

Tesla drivers with an energy contract at EkWateur, GreenYellow or Plüm Énergie can receive financial earnings and charge greener by participating in the Jedlix platform. The free Jedlix app can be downloaded in the iOS Store and Google Play Store. For more information go to

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About Jedlix

Jedlix is the leading software Platform for car-centric smart charging of Electric Vehicles in Europe. Jedlix teams-up with BMW, Tesla, Renault, Jaguar and multiple energy partners to unlock the value of the flexibility of EVs charging process at scale, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the cars, and enable their sustainable insertion into the energy grid. @Jedlix

About EkWateur

ekWateur was created by Jonathan Martelli and Julien Tchernia in November 2015. It was after working together in the energy sector that they came up with the idea of launching the first concept of collaborative energy supplier. ekWateur is an alternative to the dominant players on the French market - EDF and Engie - and offers renewable energy (gas, electricity and wood) to individuals and small businesses. For ekWateur, energy must be transparent! @ekWateur

About GreenYellow

In 12 years, GreenYellow has become a major energy player in France and abroad, helping to accelerate the energy transition of businesses and local governments. Specializing in photovoltaic production, energy efficiency solutions, and energy services, GreenYellow offers its clients a cross-cutting platform of solutions across the entire energy value chain. Today, the company has over 250MW of installed powerplants and operates more than 2500 energy performance contracts worldwide. GreenYellow is constantly expanding its product line through innovation in order to meet the needs of public and private players and help them reduce their energy footprint. With a presence on four continents, the company has nearly 450 employees worldwide. An intrapreneurial subsidiary of the Casino Group, GreenYellow has also been part-owned by Bpifrance and Tikehau Capital since October 2018. @GreenYellow

About Plüm Énergie

Created in 2016, Plüm Énergie is a renewable energy supplier that helps French people to consume (truly) green energy in a more enlightened way. Through a premium green offer, Plüm Énergie selects its producer partners for their commitment to developing new renewable energy production sites, thereby guaranteeing its customers a sustainable energy with superior quality: 100% of « EVOC » energy (green energy with controlled origins). Furthermore, by offering them an improved experience of monitoring their consumption and a bonus system that financially encourages their efforts, Plüm Énergie intends to encourage its customers to reduce their daily energy expenses. The promise? That everyone can become an actor in the energy transition, while significantly minimizing costs. @PlumEnergie

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About Jedlix - Smart Charging

About Jedlix

Jedlix develops and operates a VGI platform to optimize the charging & discharging of electric vehicles and facilitate their insertion into the power grid at scale. Jedlix teams up with energy partners, charging point operators & e-mobility service providers, car OEMs to reduce the total cost of ownership of Electric Vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging & discharging process on energy and balancing markets, and optimize the use of renewable energy.

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