Flexity Project - Enabling end-consumer to contribute in the energy transition

Brussels, November 2019

Increasing the flexibility potential for residential households

The Flexity project aims to investigate the flexibility potential for residential households willing to take a more active role within the energy transition. Flexity optimizes consumption behavior of endconsumers by shifting it to cheaper moments (ex. outside peak-periods) or greener moments in time (ex. when wind and/or solar production is high). Flexity optimizes the consumption without any loss in comfort and investigates various compensation mechanisms. In parallel, in the context of the ongoing rollout of the digital meter in Flanders, this project will test how the digital meter can be used to ensure a secure and reliable financial settlement.

IO.Energy Ecosystem partnership

The idea was born after an intensive 5-day workshop organized by the IO.Energy Ecosystem1 during the first half of 2019; all team members defined together an innovative approach to empower the end-consumer and enable him to participate in the energy transition. Within the project team, Engie will act as energy & flexibility provider while tiko, Voltalis & Jedlix will provide technical flexible solutions. CGI, Verv Energy, Fluvius & Elia will test the robustness of data collection.

Successful test campaign at Laborelec

Flexity has entered into what is called the “sandboxing phase”; a phase in which we will bring our ideas concretely to practice and test the potential of residential flexibility live on the field. Up to now, Flexity has tested the technical solutions provided by tiko, Voltalis & Jedlix besides the digital meter provided by Fluvius. The test campaign took place at Laborelec in the smart Lab in order to reproduce consumer installation in their premises. This pre-pilot test was successful. We have successfully operated specific household appliances such as:

* Boiler

* Direct heating

* Accumulation heating

* EVs (brand Tesla only)

We have steered all these household appliances successfully by sending an activation signal from a distance. The signal showed to be reproducible and reliable, validating the approach to test at a larger scale, on the field. In a next step, we aim to onboard 100 consumers to test these solutions in the field. The recruitment of participants will be performed through outbound calls, beginning in Nov’19.

“In the context of the energy transition, all players must reflect on the future of the electrical grid. Thanks to the collaboration of 8 players, we are currently opening a new dimension for flexibility on household level to make the grid smarter and to serve the interest of society” Pieter Vanbaelen, project leader at Elia

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About Jedlix - Smart Charging

About Jedlix

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